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Fort Roofing

Essentially meant for buildings requiring the highest quality of roofing, these double interlocking rooging tiles can withstand every test of strength, reliability and weather worthiness. The possibility of leakage has been completely eliminated and these have been acknowledge as the best tiles existing today. They have low water absorption - a mere 17%, a breaking strength of 128kg in a wet state and dimensions of417mm * 261mm.

Ridge Tiles

Measuring 16" long, each Ridge Tile covers 2 flat tiles on each side of the ridge. Weighing roughly 3.4kg. each, our Ridges Tiles, turned out by machinery, achive hihg levels of strength, finish, overlap and catch-groove. 280 tiles are required for 100 running meters. 1000 ridge tiles occupy a Bulk Volume of 4.5 cubic metres.

Ceiling Tiles

Along with Mangalore tiles over them, Ceiling tiles from cheap, effective and simple double roofing system with air space between them. These tiles cover the same area as the roofing tiles and go a long way in creating a pleasant temperature in the room.


Wire cut, hard and well burnt bricks give maximum resistance to reasonable stress. Our standard bricks are in the size 8 3/4" * 4 3/16" * 2 5/8" and weight 3 tonnes per thousand. Perforated bricks in the same size are also available.

Hollow Bricks

Hollow bricks are lighter and easier to handle...